A joint venture

WeGoEU is a joint venture between KPN and The Sunway Group. This joint venture aims to speed up global impact and to create a strong relationship between the European and Chinese markets.

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The Sunway Group was founded in 2015 and is an internet technology company with integrated innovation orientated to the global market. The Sunway group is the operator of WeChat's global brand WeChat Go.

KPN is a Dutch Telco making life more free, easy and more fun by connecting people. We are passionate about offering secure, reliable and future-proof networks and services, enabling people to be connected anytime, anywhere.

The Sunway Group and KPN are proud to bring you WeChat Go Europe as a result of our joint venture.

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WeGoEU is a full suite business, IT and payment partner for European businesses targeting Chinese tourists. Our main solution holds a combination of providing SIM cards to Chinese travellers, creating Mini Programs for potential high-valued merchants in different categories and providing WeChat Pay to ensure cross-border payments between Europa and China.

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WeChat is an application that provides users with messaging, social networking, gaming, payment options and more, providing an entire digital ecosystem, and is already hugely popular in China. WeGoEU is powered by the WeChat platform.

The team
Meet the people behind WeGoEU
Teammember 1
Jan Willen Scheerder
Teammember 2
Arno Reijm
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Fenglei Xu
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Zhenning Li
Jeroen van den Bremer
Regional Director
Eric Mencke
Regional Director

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