We help brands reach a Chinese target audience

WeGoEU offers a unique approach to reaching outbound Chinese travelers in Europe and China.

WeChat Pay

We build bridges between your business and an increasing number of Chinese Travelers. Discover how powerful you Chinese marketing can be

  • Traffic building
  • Improve the customer experience by becoming more integrated in the customer journey
  • Drive online exposure to offline store visits
  • Clear reporting
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The channels that help you to get in contact with the Chinese traveller


Social advertising

Wondering which social media in China is best for your marketing strategy? Let us help you find the best social media channel.

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Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

We can help you understand and develop a targeted Chinese search engine strategy.

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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

We have the ability to offer our clients a unique banner advertising strategy. Discover more now.

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Our Marketing experts and Account managers would like to tell you more. Let us help you define a solid China marketing strategy.

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Unapparelled targeting capabilites on the WeChat platform


WeChat identifies 3 types of difference audiences. We can offer access to them all.

  • Local (near future – Chinese that are longer than 15 days outside of china)
  • Outbound (Chinese outside of China mainland for less than 15 days)
  • Inbound (local Chinese user)

Keyword targeting.

Create a unique target audience based on selecting suitable keywords.

Why we recommend Moments?

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Moments ads natively flow with other user generated content in a non-disruptive experience

Advertising on WeChat Moments is similar to advertising on Facebook or Instagram, allowing brands to place ads on users’ timeline.

We prefer moments advertisement because is it conceived less intrusive. The placement of the advertisement on the Moments feed gives users the feeling that their “friends” send your message/offer. A big upside from this less intrusive approach is a higher click through rate and a more satisfied user.

Moments campaigning works different from western social media. WeChat moments advertisement makes use of a H5 page in-between the ad an the actual landing page. As you can see below.


Our process


1. Create a concept with you

Together with you we will develop the best possible campaign from scratch.


2. Get traffic

Building quality traffic is key. Our goal is to accomplish the target we sets with you.


3. Measure effects

We measure everything we do. This way we can accomplish the best result possible. In the end we will provide you with a transparent detailed report.

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