01 October 2019

The opportunities of the Chinese Golden Week

Are you ready for the Chinese Golden Week? The Chinese Golden Week is the perfect time for merchants all around the world to profit from the immense amount of Chinese tourists. But what is the Chinese Golden Week actually? What do the Chinese tourists do during this time? And how can you profit from this? The answers to these questions will all be explained in this article.

What is the Chinese Golden Week?
The Chinese Golden Week is a semi-annual 7- or 8-day national holiday. These holidays are linked to the Chinese New Year – in January or February – and the National Day – starting October 1st. The Golden Weeks were created with the intention of helping to expand the domestic tourism market, to improve the national standard of living and allowing people to visit far-away family. Nowadays, not only does the domestic tourism market expand during the Golden Weeks, but also the international tourism market benefits greatly from the national holiday.

The immense number of Chinese tourists
During Golden Week, Chinese people travel both in China as well as abroad. In 2018 the number of Chinese passengers on domestic and international flights during the Golden Week in October was over 12 million. Approximately 7 million Chinese left the country to travel abroad during the Golden Week in October. They booked their Golden Week trips in over 1,000 cities in 100 countries.

What are they interested in?
For these international Chinese travellers Europe is becoming an increasingly popular destination, especially for consumerism. The top three most popular products that Chinese tourists buy during their stay abroad are cosmetics, playful & practical commodities and local food specialties. Chinese tourists are also very interested in experiences. More than 90 per cent visits a cultural attraction, more than 40 per cent takes part in two cultural activities during their holiday and in general they spend a lot of money on customised tours and local guides. Besides that, online services such as shopping, catering and mobile payments are commonly used during their stay abroad. Promoting the above mentioned services or products to the Chinese public at the right time, place and channel can increase the traffic and up your sales.

How can you benefit?
So, there are many Chinese tourists visiting Europe during the Golden Weeks but how can you optimise your profit from this? Chinese people are used to WeChat for many things including information provision and online booking. Instead of bringing cash or their card, they are also used to paying via WeChat Pay or Alipay. Incorporating these ecosystems in your company can help you stand out and attract & connect to Chinese tourists. You can also provide them with a very customer friendly service as the language barrier is taken away and they can make use of their trusted apps. Combining this with doing the right campaigns for Golden Week can mean a big increase in Chinese customers for you this time of the year!

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